I. substitute sub‧sti‧tute 1 [ˈsʌbsttjuːt ǁ -tuːt] noun [countable]
1. something new or different that can be used instead of something else:

• Sugar substitutes are used by the soft drinks industry.

substitute for

• Training is important but it is no substitute for (= cannot take the place of ) experience.

2. HUMAN RESOURCES JOBS someone who does someone else's job for a limited period of time:

• We need to find a substitute while she is sick.

— substitute adjective [only before a noun] :

• Plastic is sometimes used as a substitute material.

• a substitute driver

  [m0] II. substitute substitute 2 verb
1. [transitive] to use or do something new or different instead of something else:
substitute something for/​with something

• Corporations have been able to avoid some tax by substituting debt for equity.

• Byproducts are reduced if a different bleaching agent is substituted for pure chlorine.

2. [transitive] to be used or done instead of something else:
substitute for

• Synthetic fuels are liquids or gases which may be substituted for oil products or natural gas.

3. [intransitive] HUMAN RESOURCES to do someone's job until the person who usually does it is able to do it again:
substitute for

• Bill substituted for Larry who was off sick.

* * *

substitute UK US /ˈsʌbstɪtjuːt/ verb
[T] to use something different or new instead of another thing: substitute sth for sth »

Industry must reduce fuel consumption by substituting alternative fuels for fossil fuels.

substitute sth with sth »

It takes time to substitute local brands with your own brand names.

substitute for sb — Cf. substitute for sb
substitute for sth — Cf. substitute for sth
substitute UK US /ˈsʌbstɪtjuːt/ noun [C]
something different or new that is used instead of another thing: (as) a substitute for sth »

We are looking at the possibility of using foreign production as a substitute for exports to foreign markets.

cheap/good/poor substitutes »

Cheaper substitutes displaced the product from the world market.


egg/fat/meat substitutes


Early warning of a layoff is no substitute for a job.

WORKPLACE someone who takes the place of another person or does their job for a period of time: a substitute for sb »

Fixed-term contract workers and agency workers are not always direct substitutes for one another.

there's no substitute for sth/doing sth — Cf. there's no substitute for sth/doing sth

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